July 23 Letters: Social Security, Romney and Bain, Budget 101

I am very grateful for the progressive American presidents and congressmen who were responsible for starting our Social Security Administration and Medicare and who have kept it alive throughout the years. We all owe so much to Franklin Delano Roosevelt,Lindon Johnston and the many other Democratic leaders who have supported it all this time.

Now it is up to us this fall to vote for and keep those national leaders in positions of leadership who will continue to support the great national safety net programs of Social Security and Medicare.

We all know that there are those running for national office who would make Social Security a volunteer program. Since this would...

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Fiscal Zombie Apocalypse in Washington? Obama and Congress on Taxes

By David Grant Christian Science Monitor

GOP presidential aspirant Mitt Romney whacks President Obama for presiding over a “zombie economy.” Rep. Jim Cooper (D) of Tennesee says Congress is remiss in its duties by putting off tough financial decisions until after the election, a season he calls the “zombie Congress” for the number of lawmakers who won’t be back in the new year.

And even more ghoulish, the last two years of economic policymaking in Washington show a White House and Congress beset by a recurring set of fiscal issues. If Washington deals with these problems at all, its only temporarily, thus setting the nation on a course of constant...

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Car Care Safety Tips

Regular car maintenance will keep your wheels going around with successful trips from point A to point B on a regular basis. Undertaking recommended maintenance on your vehicle will save you time wasted with a stalled vehicle in the future.

Don#39;t forget oil changes

“Oil is the life blood of the vehicle,” said Pete Mossakowski, assistant service manager at Broadway Automotive in Green Bay. In the past, the typical rule of thumb was to get a change every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever came first.

These days, according to Don Carter, service manager at De Pere Auto, some vehicles are going 7,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on the vehicle. In addition to regular...

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Don’t let mechanics sell you unneeded repairs

(MoneyWatch) It is a scene we all dread: You take your car in for minor maintenance and the repair shop or dealership announces they have found more serious problems.

Mechanics pushing people for unneeded or not-yet-timely repairs seems to be increasing, says Pam Oakes, owner of a repair shop in Fort Myers, FL and author of Car Care for the Clueless. A customer recently came to her to double-check a long list of proposed repairs totaling $1,200 another shop had given her after she had gone to them for a low-cost oil change.

None of it was necessary, Oakes says. The only thing she needed was new windshield wipers, and they missed that.

Can these cars really get 40 MPG?

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Recommended: The ghosts that haunt China’s economic landscape

Chinas $US700million stimulus injection into their economy is peanuts when compared to Americas nearly $3trillion Stimulus programs. China has a huge trade surplus and nearly $2trillion of US Treasury it can unload to financial any domestic debt. USA, on the other hand, owes China and Japan nearly $3trillions, not counting other foreign lenders and has a trade deficit of nearly $500million. While China is Americas greatest creditor, America is the worlds greatest debtor. Uable to pay off its debt despite raising the national debt ceiling for the umpteen times, America borrows from the new creditors to pay off the old creditor. Essentially, America is running the biggest Ponzi Scheme in the world,...

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At Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars Customers Receive Car Loan Approvals Within …

Moorabbin, Victoria — (SBWIRE) — 07/08/2012 — An hour is all it takes for Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars to approve funding to its customers in the market for used vehicles at low prices. In fact, applying for a car loan can also be carried out online, even without leaving the house or filling out a lot of paperwork. Being Esanda’s largest Australian car dealer, Melbourne’s Cheapest Cars can not only provide the most advantageous car loans Melbourne has within the hour, but they are also offering the lowest car finance rates possible.

With more than 100,000 used vehicles already sold to private individuals and business owners, there is no question about...

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Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair in the UK Industry Market Research Report …

The Motor Vehicle Maintenance amp; Repair industry benefited from its counter cyclical nature while the rest of the automotive sector struggled. As consumer and business confidence crashed, new vehicle purchases were delayed. Consumers instead opted for repairs and maintenance to keep older vehicles operational. The greater demand for repairs and maintenance led to higher service sales. Industry revenue is estimated to grow at an annualised 3.3% over the five years through 2012-13 to reach 20 billion. Revenue is expected to grow 2.2% in 2012-13, mainly led by demand for essential repair and maintenance. Demand for maintenance and repair services is forecast to slow over the five years through...

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Pfeiffer Used Cars of Grand Rapids Offering Quick Lane Service Specials

Grand Rapids, MI, July 20, 2012 –(PR.com)– Pfeiffer Used Cars is currently offering a wide array of service specials on everything from brakes and batteries to tires and oil changes through their Quick Lane service department. Grand Rapids area residents are encouraged to check out the extensive list of offers and printable coupons available on their website for all of their servicing needs. Staying up-to-date on auto service and car maintenance is a crucial step in ensuring the long life and safety of ones vehicles and Pfeiffer Used Cars is happy to help make service more affordable.

To help increase fuel-efficiency and keep customers from spending too much on gas, Pfeiffer...

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Editorial: Budget 101: Cliff notes

The headline on the Daily Press front page Wednesday announced the fallout: Up to 207,000 jobs lost in Virginia, the hardest state hit after only California, if Congress fails to enact budgetary and tax reform by Jan. 1.

Trade groups such as the defense lobby group that underwrote the jobs report are known for projecting the worst possible outcomes. But no one denies the potential impact of military cuts on the economy of Hampton Roads.

The current impasse in Congress is a continuation of last years failure to reach agreement on a rational budget and tax plan. Democrats were resolute in shifting more of the tax burden to the highest 1 percent, who already pay the bulk of the nations...

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Wet weather hits Halfords’ cycle sales

StockMarketWire.com – Halfords Group said it made a weak start to the quarter ended 29th June, with revenue LfL down 12.4% for the first 8 weeks followed by an improvement in the following 5 weeks (LfL: +0.9%).

There was a solid performance in Car Maintenance with 3Bs fitting penetration at 27.0% (Q1 FY12: 22.4%) contributing to a 26.9% growth in Retail service revenues.

Car Enhancement remains in decline but there was an encouraging positive LfL performance in Car Audio.

Cycling and other Leisure revenues were materially impacted by the unseasonal weather conditions with Cycling revenues down 9.6%.

Good progress was made in online revenues (+13.0%) with...

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